We came to Sarah for support with our 4 month old. We had been through months of hourly wakings and disorganized naps on the go. From the first night with Sarah, our little guy has been in his crib 7-7 with minimal wakings to breastfeed. He is now 6 months and we are sleeping! I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She is warm, friendly and clearly comes to her position with a strong knowledge base and experience. Meeting her in person was like connecting with an old friend/ sleep angel! Her support through the app was amazing and the app is user-friendly. She is thoughtful and her prices are very generous compared to others in this field. If you are struggling with sleep, call her now!

Hala, Mom of 4 Month old Robert

Working with Sarah has literally changed our lives! Our 7month old was waking 4-6 times a night, drinking about an extra not needed 12oz of milk a night and wasn’t napping all day long. After 10 days with this program, our little one was sleeping through the night with no bottles and taking two regular naps on schedule every day! I would highly recommend this program and Sarah to any parent struggling with sleep time with their little. We are getting more sleep as a family, have an awesome and easy schedule to follow and no longer need milk to fall asleep, he self soothes! Sarah is not only sweet but she is SO understanding, supportive and flexible to make her process work for YOUR family! Don’t hesitate… she works magic!

Stefani, Mom of 7 month old Edison

Sarah is truly The BEST there is: If you are searching for an amazing sleep coach, you have 100% found her.

From someone who was very anxious about sleep training, extremely exhausted, and feeling very very lost, Sarah made that all go away. She is the closest you can get to someone right there inside your house, without actually being there.

I could not believe how quickly our little one started sleeping better and independently. I was in complete shock when she put herself to sleep, without any help. Something I thought was nearly impossible.

Sarah not only guides you through every single step of the way but she is always your biggest supporter, no matter what. Almost like having a best friend right there with you. She is beyond amazing at communicating and making you feel very calm through the entire process.

I am so beyond thankful for you Sarah! Thank you for helping our little one learn to sleep like a champ, thank you for helping us get our sleep back again, and mostly thank you for making this process truly a great one!

Sally, Mom of 4 Month old Skylar

I came to Jessica when my 8 month old son and I needed help sleeping longer stretches through the night. I read every book about sleep training but didn’t feel I could incorporate any of the principles on my own. Being a first time mom, I had too many unanswered questions. Jessica provided me with an easy to follow plan, thorough review of my son’s schedule, and feedback every step of the way. I felt truly supported and now we’re all getting sleep! I highly recommend Jessica, and the Sarah Oliver Sleep Consultancy.

Glynnis, Mom of 8 month old Graham

Sarah has been incredibly wonderful to work with.  She is incredibly supportive, encouraging, and responsive and brings a wealth of knowledge about how baby sleep works.  I think she helped to train me, more than my 6 month old, in understanding all the factors that contribute to sleep and how they all interact with each other!  At the start of our journey it was a puzzle that was overwhelming and confusing to me, but by the end of our time with Sarah, I actually felt like I had a handle on all the moving parts so that we could flow between ideal nap days and days where we had to fit naps in on the go.  Sarah helped me to listen to my baby differently and to trust that my baby both could learn new skills and could clearly communicate when she was hungry.  Bedtime has become joyful and easy, and I feel confident we can navigate the inevitable shifts and changes in sleep as baby grows.  Thank you so much Sarah!  I didn’t know bedtime could be this smooth.

Mom of 6 Month old Baby

Sarah helped us get our 8-month old out of a rut–he was waking twice a night (at least) to feed, and then often way too early in the morning. Within 2-3 weeks, he was sleeping through the night, and I *promise* this kid was impossible, so it was truly a miracle. She helped us get him on track with his naps and food during the day, which I think was the key to helping him sleep through the night. It is a complicated process, but if you need help, Sarah is the best! She is also super responsive and very understanding if you are a bit moody in your sleep-deprived state 🙂 So grateful to Sarah!

Jenn, Mother of 8 month old Calix

If you are a tired mama, or a mama who just needs a confidence boost to help you get on track with your babies sleep then Sarah is gonna be your best friend!
My little girl Riley was doing so well sleeping until the dreaded 4month regression/progression and this mama was TIRED
Sarah was amazing, I knew what I wanted in terms of settling techniques etc. and she was happy to help me incorporate those into a sleep plan for Riley
4months later and we have a solid routine and a baby who goes to sleep as soon as her head hits the mattress! (And a mama who is rested and happy)
Honestly investing in your babies sleep is no brainer, going to Sarah has been an absolute game changer and did I mention we did this all from opposite sides of the world!! I am in New Zealand.
Thank you so much Sarah, I would be a zombie without you

Sian, Mother of 4 month old Riley

“Sarah is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She helped with sleep schedules and sleep training for our daughter. She provided simple changes to implement (that made a HUGE difference) and supported us the entire time. She meets you where you are at and helps to build a solid sleep foundation from there. I can’t sing her praises enough!”

Marie, Mother of 5 month old Zarah

Attention sleep deprived parents! If anyone needs help teaching their baby to self settle and/or getting them on an age appropriate sleep schedule, I could not recommend Sarah more! I loved her gentle, compassionate approach and the results we achieved within 24 hours were LIFE CHANGING! I went from rocking her to sleep, short day naps and being up with her all through the night, to going straight to sleep on her own, in the cot and only one night feed and back to bed. Our baby and our entire family are happier and life feels amazing again after 7 long months without much sleep. Sarah was incredibly supportive, always responded quickly and went above and beyond to help. Loved her science and research based knowledge as well.

Kristy, Mother of 7 month old Cleo

We struggled with sleep from the beginning with our first baby. We had no idea what we were doing. I tried following recommendations we found online, but continued to struggle. Eventually, our son “figured it out,” but it took a long time and a lot of sleepless, stressful days/nights. With our second, I contacted Sarah early. I didn’t want to muddle through it this time. She was incredible. So patient, knowledgeable, and professional. We were in great hands. It was such a relief to have a straightforward, guiding light. Our second guy is a rockstar napper and night sleeper. I attribute all of his great sleep habits to the advice we got from Sarah. We still wish we’d known her when our first was tiny. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jessica, Mom of 5 Month old Griffin

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