“Sarah is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She helped with sleep schedules and sleep training for our daughter. She provided simple changes to implement (that made a HUGE difference) and supported us the entire time. She meets you where you are at and helps to build a solid sleep foundation from there. I can’t sing her praises enough!”

Marie, Mother of 5 month old Zarah

Attention sleep deprived parents! If anyone needs help teaching their baby to self settle and/or getting them on an age appropriate sleep schedule, I could not recommend Sarah more! I loved her gentle, compassionate approach and the results we achieved within 24 hours were LIFE CHANGING! I went from rocking her to sleep, short day naps and being up with her all through the night, to going straight to sleep on her own, in the cot and only one night feed and back to bed. Our baby and our entire family are happier and life feels amazing again after 7 long months without much sleep. Sarah was incredibly supportive, always responded quickly and went above and beyond to help. Loved her science and research based knowledge as well.

Kristy, Mother of 7 month old Cleo

We struggled with sleep from the beginning with our first baby. We had no idea what we were doing. I tried following recommendations we found online, but continued to struggle. Eventually, our son “figured it out,” but it took a long time and a lot of sleepless, stressful days/nights. With our second, I contacted Sarah early. I didn’t want to muddle through it this time. She was incredible. So patient, knowledgeable, and professional. We were in great hands. It was such a relief to have a straightforward, guiding light. Our second guy is a rockstar napper and night sleeper. I attribute all of his great sleep habits to the advice we got from Sarah. We still wish we’d known her when our first was tiny. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jessica, Mom of 5 Month old Griffin

Sarah was extremely thoughtful and helpful in helping our son sleep. He spent the first 4.5 months of his life waking up 4-6 times a night. Getting poor restless sleep. Sarah’s process helped us bring his wakes down to only 1 ( he dropped the 1 feed after about a month). She was with us through the whole process. Giving updates and thoughts even in the middle of the night. We felt so incredibly supported by her. After the first 3 days working with her our son was doing exceptionally better and we were starting to feel like normal human beings again. Thanks so much Sarah – we will stay in contact for the next baby!

Elly, Mother of 5 Month old Brady

Sarah was an ideal partner for helping my 6.5 month old son and I both sleep better. My son went from co-sleeping and waking up (and breastfeeding!) every 1.5 hours to sleeping through the night in his crib within 3 days. Naps took a bit more time to work themselves out, but she stayed with us every step of the way. I looked forward to her daily feedback and knew she was always a text away. Her thoughtful guidance alleviated so much stress and helped me feel less alone.

Tiffany, Mother of 6.5 Month old Jake

To say Sarah is amazing would be an understatement. She helped steer my incredibly nap resistant 11 month old who refused her second nap on and off for weeks to a predictable and restorative two nap schedule. As we worked to implement Sarah’s recommendations, she worked with us along the way to iron out kinks and answer my endless questions on a nearly daily basis. I’ve read countless baby sleep books and did all of the Taking Cara Babies courses, and the approach Sarah offers was completely new to me — and the one that worked for my baby. I can’t recommend Sarah more. She’s the baby sleep whisperer for sure.

Nataly, Mother of 11 Month old Claire

I had the pleasure of being connected to Sarah through another new mom.
I considered myself very well versed in baby sleep having seemingly bought every sleep program, sleep book, and sleep product on the market. I was doing everything “right” but still could not get a good night’s sleep, I was at a loss and very very tired!
Sarah helped us transition into a new routine and within a week we had accomplished so much! She provided endless support and enthusiasm, was always there when I needed her most, and gave me the push and guidance I needed to get through the toughest parts of this process.
Sarah is wonderful, caring, compassionate, and most of all great at what she does as a sleep consultant and a mother to two beautiful boys. Sarah will help you get the full night of sleep both you and your little one deserve – cheers to that!

Katherine, Mother of 4 Month old Joey

I can’t say enough good things on how wonderful Sarah is. She changed my life! I’ve been struggling with my daughter’s naps and night sleeps since she was born 14 months ago. After just a few days there was such improvements, it was unbelievable. I had my first full night sleep 5 days into the program! Sarah explained everything very clearly and kept at my pace and was very patient which helped giving me the confidence I needed to do this. I was not expecting such support. She went above and beyond. Don’t look any further, you won’t regret it. From Zoë and I, thank you SO much Sarah!

Julia, Mother of 14 Month old Zoë

We are so very grateful for Sarah!! It was such a joy to work with her and it is very evident that she genuinely cares about her clients and their children.
Our 5 1/2 month old’s schedule was all over the place and she was a chronic cat napper and had always been held to sleep. I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed about nap training and had so many questions. With Sarah’s knowledge, customized sleep plan, time, and consistency, we now have a predictable daily schedule that I had been longing for and our baby is lengthening naps, which is something I wasn’t sure would ever happen!
When we initially purchased the virtual package, we had no idea how much more would be included. Not only does Sarah address all sleeping concerns, she also discusses and factors in your child’s temperament, feedings, milestones, and your goals of what you’d like to achieve with sleep training. She truly personalizes a plan that will best suit your comfort level, your child, and family. She is so generous with her time, encouraging, supportive, and compassionate. I feel like I am reaching out to a true friend for advice because Sarah is so personable! I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that I will always have her to go to if/when any sleep related issues or questions should arise in the future.

Abby, Mother of 5 Month old Olivia

Sarah saved our sanity! Our little one has always seemed to have a schedule from birth. She never had her days and nights mixed up. After a terrible sleeper with our last I thought this kiddo would be amazing just because she already seemed to have “nap times” she’s preferred, and longer stretches were always at night. For some reason she just wouldn’t put herself to sleep, and would wake up often if we weren’t holding her.
Finally caved and decided to bed share when she was 6 months old. She didn’t like bed sharing, still woke often, but at least had longer stretches before waking. Unfortunately, I got so little sleep too. At 9.5 months I knew I had to do better for our baby. She deserved better sleep habits. She was craving something different, she wanted her own sleep space! My husband and I were so anxious to sleep train.
From 6 months on we talked about it, researched different methods, and considered purchasing a course. Thankfully, a mom in a mom group posted Sarah’s website. I cannot recommend Sarah enough! We could not have done this without her. You can research and do this on your own, but it is NOT the same. There’s nothing like having someone to turn to in the moment. I can read a lot of things, but once I put it into practice, it’s as if I didn’t read about it. Having Sarah to call/text, was golden! First off she constantly reminded me that Anara is fine, she’s not being hurt. My anxiety with her crying to sleep was very high, but Sarah was so supportive. She also had such a gentle way about her.
The amazing thing is that Sarah helps you find a soothing plan that will work best for you and your family. It’s so nice having her there to help adjust things when they don’t go as planned. Our baby is now sleeping 12 hours a night and putting herself to sleep within 5 minutes without “crying.” She fussed a little because well, it’s bedtime, and what kid wants to go to bed? But she doesn’t cry. This experience has changed our lives! My husband and I were exhausted and so badly wanted time to ourselves to just watch a movie at night. Now we have hours together, to clean, to read, or hang out with the older kids. Thank you Sarah!!

LaDonna, Mother of 9 month old Anara

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