I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to anyone who is thinking about sleep training or knows a mom who might benefit from sleep training her baby/toddler. Long story short, we had been co-sleeping with Adeline for two months before I reached a breaking point (no good sleep whatsoever). Thanks to a colleague’s recommendation, I contacted Sarah and decided to work with her. WHAT A WISE DECISION. Sarah is super professional and patient. Her advice and tips are better than useful. For the first time in 25 months, I am now able to walk out of the room at A’s bedtime, confidently knowing that she would be able to fall asleep in her crib in 10 minutes or so. Thanks, Sarah!

Vera, Mother of 2 year old Adeline

Sarah was so helpful in sleep training our daughter. She was really accessible to us, even when she traveled abroad! Sarah gave us really great advice, and helped our family get on a schedule and get some rest! I highly recommend working with Sarah if your family needs help!

Liezl, Mother of Jeetha and Neesha

My son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 2 years old, but even then started to have major issues getting him down to nap or bed. It would take us anywhere from 15 minutes to TWO HOURS to get him to sleep.. He demanded we lay with him until he went to sleep. It was so rough! Finally I broke down and called Sarah. Next thing I knew she was at our house for our in home consult… She is so nice to be around, easy to talk to, gives FANTASTIC advice not only about sleep but general parenting that also makes a difference in your child’s sleep. She gave me everything I needed to have a successful and after the first couple of nights I thought I was dreaming. This was too good to be true! We are a couple months in now and our lives have changed forever because of hiring Sarah to help us.. He now consisently sleeps 7pm-7am, he is able to be laid down right after his bedtime routine and we can walk out of the room without him crying! He usually sings for a little bit and then goes to sleep, waits for his Ok to wake clock to turn green and comes to his door! Its truly amazing. I cant speak any higher about Sarah, the passion she has for what she does shines through and she IS your answers to sleep problems!! Thank you for helping my family Sarah

Terra, Mother of 2 year old Gavin

Best money spent. Ever. We went from waking up every hour with our five month old to sleeping 11-12 hours with maybe one wake up. The results were almost instant for us! It took a little while longer to get the naps down, maybe a week or two. Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very intelligent and also very prompt. I wish I could recommend her to everyone I know with a little one!

Erin, Mother of 5 Month old Murphy

I’m not exaggerating when I say Sarah changed our lives! She was the single greatest investment that I made in my son. More important than any toy or experience, she gave him the tools to learn how to self soothe to sleep and how to get on a schedule for naps. Which, is really a gift for our entire family! Her amazing empathy, kindness, and generosity made her someone we wished we could know as our friend, not just our consultant. And, her knowledge and information gave us the confidence to support our son in his new skills of sleep. After only 3 days, he was napping for hours at a time, rather than 20 minutes, and was sleeping a full 12 hours through the night! The results we achieved were beyond what we thought was possible for our family, and there is no way we ever could have gotten there without Sarah!

Marion, Mother of 4 Month old Waylen

Sarah is an experienced sleep consultant who has helped many families create the sleep habits they need and deserve. She understands that every baby is unique and likewise with parenting style. She is thoughtful, friendly and approachable and creates holistic sleep plans which reflect her depth of knowledge and understanding about the science of sleep. Sarah is kind and compassionate and will give you a sense of confidence while working with her, ensuring you are consistent and get results.


I had an amazing experience with Sarah. My daughter had been breastfeeding throughout the night since birth until 23.5 month. We shared bed and she would bf to fall asleep and throughout the night whenever she wakes. I was exhausted.
Within 3 days of contacting her, Sarah came up with a plan for me to follow. After 3 nights of sleep training, my baby was willing to go to sleep by herself in her crib and slept through the night. It was amazing to see how quickly she changed while sticking to Sarah’s plan.
I had a lot of questions during the two weeks session as well as way after our session was over. Sarah was always available and willing to help answer all of my questions. She was quick with her response and I feel like she was always there for me. She truly cares about my daughter’s sleep habit and well being. I can’t thank her enough for helping my family through this huge changing life event. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has kid’s sleeping problem.

Phoi, Mother of 2 year old Chloe

We felt like we were in survival mode day to day with our son and had gotten to the point where we were bouncing for hours to try and get him to sleep. He was overtired, we were overtired and no one was getting what they needed. People too had suggested that we tried a sleep consultant and I just kept thinking, no we’re not that bad that we need that. I’m so sorry that I waited, we should have hired Sarah weeks ago. Sarah has different options with different prices to really fit all families. She was amazing to work with, helped our family out so much and got our son on a wonderful schedule that was specific for his personality. He was sleeping 11-12 hours a day a three months and now consistently is sleeping 14-15 hours a day, he’s a different baby. He’s so much happier, and I know now he’s getting the restorative rest he needs. She works with your wants and needs and the personality of your child. I honestly feel like our entire world has changed! I certainly didn’t want or choose to have my first child during a pandemic and it has been one of the most stressful and hardest things we have had to do and I love that Sarah recognized this hardship and truly cared about the people she worked with! She allowed us to text her and was more supportive than the package we paid for, because she said she recognizes the heightened anxiety and isolation that families are feeling right now. It really showed that it wasn’t all business with her; she truly cared and genuinely wanted to help and take care of us. That was amazing!

Kelly and Fabien, Parents of 4-Month old Hugo

We worked with Sarah when our daughter hit her four month sleep regression. She was waking every 45 minutes and would only fall asleep in our arms/on us. It was pretty miserable and we were exhausted. Sarah helped us so much! She created a sleep training plan that we were comfortable with, walked us through it in a tonne of detail and was available all day long to help us with any questions we had once we started the process. Within 3 days our daughter was settling in her crib by herself! My daughter is 9 months old now and we have ran into many bumps along the way and Sarah has always been willing to help us through every question we’ve had. I have recommended Sarah to several friends and will continue to recommend her. She is awesome!

Mindy, Mother of 4 Month old Olivia

We were struggling with our son’s sleep for a few months and through a recommendation, we got in touch with Sarah. She is the sleep whisperer. Our son now sleeps 11.5 hours a night and 2.5 hours a day and has been doing so for 8 months. Sarah was so supportive during the two weeks where we trained him and still helps us out whenever we have a sleep related question. Health is wealth. So is sleep! Thanks for giving it back to all of us, Sarah!

Sheeba, Mother of 8.5 Month old Mekhai

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