Repeat customer with Sarah here! I honestly can’t say enough how helpful she was while sleep training our two boys. Sarah is the perfect support to help you through the process and get you going in the right direction. Working with Sarah took the guess work out of my little ones sleep. It gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to just do it.

One thing I really liked about Sarah is that she understands the need for flexibility and works with your families routine. We so appreciate her!

Laura, Mom of two amazing little sleepers!

We started our sleep training with Sarah a couple of months ago and it is the best thing we’ve ever done, not only for our son, but also for ourselves! Sarah’s plan worked perfectly for our boys age and only took a couple of days to really get him used to the new routine and self settling techniques. Our boy now goes down in the cot by himself and pretty much sleeps through the night most nights. Solid eating went hand in hand and he now loves his food too. I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough! Thank you again x

Tayla, Mom of 8 Month old Jack

Sarah is amazing! We’ve had the best experience here in getting our 6 month old onto a sleep schedule and getting sleep for the entire household. We went from wakeups every 1-2 hours every night to down to 1 or 2 total wakeups…sometimes none. I have to admit I was incredibly nervous and anxious about sleep training from the outset, wondering if this was the best for our little boy. He seems much happier as a result of the additional and better sleep he has been able to get, and his development has really progressed. I felt completely supported through the whole process, and I can’t recommend Sarah enough.

Tammy, Mom of 6 Month old Hayden

Sarah has lots of sleep styles she can use for your kiddo and can adapt things to fit what the parents need. She has a good balance between modern tech as well as a human touch.

If you are on the fence, ask yourself how many more weeks or months you can go without your kiddo sleeping through the night? We went from 2 to 5 hours of out baby sleeping at a time to 8 to 12 hours of sleep at a time.

Mandela, Dad of 6 month old Nia

You are reading the reviews here and asking yourself two questions – should I get a sleep consultant for my child, and if I should – should it be from Sarah’s consultancy? Well, the answer is Yes.

From spending 30 minutes each time trying to place our 2 months old baby in the crib for a nap (with lots of crying and frustration, by both baby and daddy), our baby girl now falls asleep within 5 minutes or less. Sarah also helped us pick the best sleep wear for our daughter – and ensure that she has the best sleeping conditions.

Sarah was kind, compassionate and professional – and we are so happy we contacted her

Yossi, Dad of 2 month old Sophia

Difference maker. Still, this description doesn’t quite capture the amazing guidance I received from Sarah. As a working mom, I desperately needed consistent night sleep and a more predictable nap schedule. I researched a bunch of tips and tricks and tried different things, but nothing really stuck. Then I met Sarah. It was like meeting an old friend who genuinely cared about helping me succeed. She’s responsive, detailed and knowledgeable. I followed her recommendations for my baby and it worked. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to any new momma struggling to master sleep training. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Ify, Mom of 6 Month old Malachi

It was a pleasure working with Sarah. I was struggling to sleep train my son and hired Sarah to help. She was amazing and really guided me through the whole process and tailored a schedule that worked for us. Within a week, my son sleeps through the night and just in time for me to go back to work. Sarah is attentive and responsive when needed, which was very helpful. Thank you, Sarah!

Ashley, Mom of 7 Month old Elijah

I am thankful for all that Sarah and Jessica have done for my little one and I! We were struggling for the last year and a half with nights of battling when I went to the door, constant wakings, hours and hours of meltdowns each week, and feeling like I was being tortured. It seemed like sleeping alone would never happen. Jessica was amazingly patient, understanding to our needs and requests, and now nights are becoming quiet with rare wakings, (but self soothing if wakings occur). I am grateful for all of the help and advice. I will recommend Sarah and Jessica to anyone that has children with sleep troubles. They are kind, wonderful and so caring!

A thankful Mom

Sarah is an absolute miracle worker.

Our little boy was always fed to sleep and only managed 30 minute naps at most. It was exhausting!

Sarah provided us with a comprehensive plan tailored to our little boy and his nature.

On our very first day using Sarah’s settling technique, advice and assistance, our baby boy slept through the night!

He now has great naps, he self settles and he even feeds better too – it is amazing.

We are so grateful for Sarah. She kept in constant contact with us throughout the process, was always quick to respond and provided great feedback.

If your baby isn’t sleeping well, call Sarah now!

Rachel, Mother of 4 Month old Charlie

We worked with Sarah when our son was 5 months old and waking up every 30 minutes once put down for bed. EVERY THIRTY MINUTES. Also he would only take contact naps. We felt like we had tried everything. Sarah was a life-saver. She truly listened to us and tailored all of her advice to our personal situation. She responded very quickly when we had any questions. Our son is sleeping so well now and even transitioned from contact sleeping to naps in his crib with out really even having to try. I could not recommend Sarah enough. She is so kind and a wonderful person to work with.

Momma of 5 month old baby boy

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