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Baby Sleep Consultancy

Sleep challenges overwhelming you?

I get it, is google at 2am making you even more confused…I see you!

Every family and every child is unique.  There is truly no “one size fits all” solution.  You will set your desired goals and I will help you achieve them with an approach that truly fits your child’s temperament alongside your parenting style at a pace that you are comfortable with.

My goal is to set you up with all the tools and knowledge surrounding your child’s sleep to feel confident when it comes to understanding their sleep needs now and as they grow.  Flexibility is important for me therefore, I want to provide that for you!

Baby wide awake laying down looking at viewer
Swaddled baby peacefully sleeping

Newborn Sleep Guide – For the First 12 Weeks

This guide is perfect for families expecting a baby, a baby shower gift or parents of a newborn baby!

Newborn sleep can be sporadic…unpredictable…exhausting! But it doesn’t have to stay that way – This guide will walk you through the first 12 weeks with your newborn and give you the tools and knowledge to understand this fourth trimester and what to expect over these few months with your baby.

We can help resolve:

• Newborn sleep • Night waking and overnight feeding • Early rising • Sleep associations • Catnapping • Schedule/Routines • Transition from crib to bed • Bedtime battles

Sibling children laying awake in bed

“I cannot begin to put into words how grateful I am for your help with our little Marly.  Your advice and constant support has been incredible!”

– Chanel, Mother of 6 Month old Marly

“We were lucky enough to have Sarah help us with our daughter Ava. Being a Mum for the first time is fraught with questions and anxieties, but Sarah provided invaluable guidance and advice.”

– Kristy, Mother of 5 Month old Ava

“We have really enjoyed the process of working with Sarah on a sleep program for Georgina. I was amazed at how just a few minor adjustments to Georgie’s routine, improved her sleep so much and how easy they were to implement.”

– Amber, Mother of 9 Month old Georgina

“I would highly recommend Sarah and her services to any parent or caregiver.  Sarah has been a godsend to our family, she has a professional supportive attitude that gets amazing results fast.”

– Sara, Mother of 6 Month old Willow

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