Sarah helps with resolving:

Sarah helps to resolve these types of issues:

  • Newborn Sleep
  • Night waking and overnight feeding
  • Early morning rising
  • Changing a sleep association: feeding to sleep, pacifiers, rocking to sleep, etc.
  • Catnapping
  • Uncertain schedule/routine
  • Infants with colic or reflux who are ready to learn to self settle
  • 4, 6 and 12 month sleep regression
  • Not napping
  • Trouble self-settling
  • Separation anxiety
  • Transition from crib to bed
  • Transition from co-sleeping to bed/crib
  • Bedtime battles
  • Not Napping
  • Sudden changes to sleep patterns
  • Toddlers unable to sleep through the night
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Are you thinking about hiring Sarah? Do yourself a favor and do take the plunge! Sarah has been our family’s Mary Poppins! Practically perfect in every way! She helped us train our son from waking up 8 times a night to sleeping through the night! All in 2 weeks. My husband literally said yesterday “I think that was the best money we have ever spent!” She has the heart of a teacher and mama-who-has-been-there. She is so patient and knowledgeable. She worked with over 50 (yes 5-0) families before … Read more

Alina, Mother of 8 month old Jacob
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