What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Sarah is an amazing Sleep consultant, we went from very little sleep to 12 hours a night. Easy and enjoyable to work with and she’s there every step of the way. Thank you

Sorin, Father of 13 month old Greyson

Sarah is AMAZING!!! She completely changed our lives when we found ourselves at a low because of our son’s sleep issues (13 months). She is kind, patient, understanding, encouraging, professional, and a wealth of knowledge!! She worked with our parenting style and the temperament of our baby to customize a plan for us. We absolutely LOVE her and highly recommend her services. Best thing we’ve ever done and worth every penny. Love her to pieces!!

Katey, Mother of 13 month old Greyson

There aren’t enough kind and appreciative words I can say about Sarah. When our son hit his 4 month regression (at 5 months, so we had thought we’d gotten lucky), we tried to wait it out. 3 months later and with permanent bags under our eyes, we reached out to Sarah. Within days our son Sawyer was sleeping better, on a healthier schedule and we learned so much through the process. Friends, books and the internet can only do so much. Sarah is so knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and understanding of your family’s needs and wants. I hope we will never need her help again, but I feel so much relief knowing that if we do, we are in the greatest hands. Thank you, Sarah!

Ashley, Mother of 8 month old Sawyer

I can not say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Sarah – she has been a life saver! My 20 month old daughter was waking up so often that I did not have any time to catch my breath in the evening after putting her down, let alone get any sleep at night. After just a few nights, my daughter was falling asleep on her own without fussing and soon after she started sleeping through the night. I feel like I finally have my life back – my only regret is that I didn’t call Sarah sooner! She was so patient, supportive, and encouraging. She made sure we were comfortable with the sleep training process and continued to work with us until we reached our goals. Sarah would check in throughout the day to see how we were doing and give feedback, and she was always available to answer any questions. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep.

Kim, Mother of 20 month old Marin

Sarah Oliver Consultancy is a Godsend for babies, parents and even grandparents of babies who are experiencing sleep problems. Sarah is an amazing, caring, highly qualified sleep consultant with a truly organized effective comprehensive approach to assist babies and their families establish healthy sleep habits. She is extremely easy to work with and provides techniques and tools to get baby and families started on the path to good sleep. In the case of my grandson, Sarah offered an individualized approach that suited both the baby and his family, allowing for their individual needs. Sarah made accurate objective observations and offered many helpful suggestions to ensure success. In her final notes, she provided us with a detailed organized plan for the baby’s sleep progress and development now and as he grows.

I would highly recommend Sarah Oliver’s services to anyone who is in need of good sleep for the health of their baby and for their own health. It has been an amazing experience working with Sarah. She is a delightful positive encouraging person who is a joy to work with. Calling Sarah will be one of the best decisions you could make in your child’s health and development.

Cathy, Grandmother of 12 month old Allister

Sarah is amazing. She has so much knowledge about little ones. I’ve read a ton of books about baby sleep and figured I should know what I am doing but it wasn’t working. After my baby went through the 4 month sleep regression he became so difficult to put down to bed that I was averaging 4 hours of sleep tops. He went from sleeping through the night to barely sleeping. I called Sarah for help. She helped me through sleep training him, made sure I was 100% comfortable with the method the entire time, taught me about what his body language was saying as he was trying to put himself to sleep and was there for all the support. Now she checks in multiple times a day to make sure everything is going smoothly and as planned. I couldn’t recommend her more. She will save your sleep and your sanity.

Kristin, Mother of 5 month old Wyatt and 2 year old Carter

Sarah was amazing! She was very patient as we worked through a plan we felt comfortable with. She was always responsive to all of our questions and really helped give us the knowledge, tools and confidence we needed to move forward on our own. Our daughter slept better starting the first night and after just a couple of days was sleeping through the night for the first time in a year! Don’t wait, start sleeping better now!

Megan, Mother of 3 year old Madeline

Are you thinking about hiring Sarah? Do yourself a favor and do take the plunge! Sarah has been our family’s Mary Poppins! Practically perfect in every way! She helped us train our son from waking up 8 times a night to sleeping through the night! All in 2 weeks. My husband literally said yesterday “I think that was the best money we have ever spent!” She has the heart of a teacher and mama-who-has-been-there. She is so patient and knowledgeable. She worked with over 50 (yes 5-0) families before even getting her certification, so she has seen it all. I have been singing her praises ever since I met her. Everything she says is gold. We love Sarah!

Alina, Mother of 8 month old Jacob

I contacted Sarah when my 3 year old’s sleep habits changed after starting preschool . He had always been a good sleeper, but when he transitioned to preschool, it started taking him hours to fall asleep at night. Normally he was sleeping from 8:00pm – 7:30am with no naps during the day. Once preschool started, he was taking an hour nap at 1:30pm, and then not falling asleep at night until almost 11pm. I thought it was because of the transition and new nap schedule, as he has dropped his afternoon nap at home months prior.

After describing his schedule and discussing different sleep theories, Sarah recommended moving back his bedtime. She was so knowledgeable about sleep schedules, patterns and scientific facts, but she presented them in a way that made sense and didn’t make me feel like I needed a researcher’s degree. Within three days, he was back to sleeping through the night and getting the sleep he needed to feel 100%. I can’t speak highly enough of Sarah’s knowledge, professionalism and ability to help.

Noelle, Mother of 3 year old Ramiro

My family really benefited from working with Sarah. We met her at a time when our baby was keeping us up hours at a time in the middle of night. And she was an answered prayer! Our daughter started to show improvement upon just a few days of following Sarah’s advice and schedule. Sarah was extremely prompt to answer our questions and available whenever we needed her. Working with Sarah has brought back order into our family’s life, because we are now able to plan our day around our daughter’s naps & bedtime and troubleshoot when things go ary. If you and your baby needs sleep, Sarah is there for you!

Liezl, Mother of 6.5 Month old Neesha


If I were to recommend one thing to new parents, it would be a hire Sarah as your sleep consultant!

If I were to recommend one thing to new parents, it would be a hire Sarah as your sleep consultant. By the time we contacted Sarah, we had already read a half a dozen baby sleep books but still were not getting near a full nights sleep. We went with the in-home consult option and saw improvement in our little guy’s sleep on the first night. I was amazed. After all we read, a few minor tweaks to our routine and schedule and sleep improved. Sarah provided excellent support throughout the entire pr…

Cassie, Mother of 6 month old Easton
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