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1100_story_babysleep_co-sleepingEmail Package – $229.00

This package will start with you filling out an in-depth questionnaire to provide an understanding of the current sleep situation and your goals surrounding your baby’s sleep.

Based on the information provided, a thorough assessment will be created which will discuss optimal techniques to maximize both day and night sleep. This includes but is not limited to, age appropriate nap and feeding schedule – milk and solids if applicable, age appropriate awake times, optimal room environment and settling techniques.

This Package comes with two full weeks of support provided via email. This includes reviewing sleep logs, assessing whether any slight adjustments need to be made, and answering any questions.
Solutions will be offered that best suit your parenting style, whether you choose gentle sleep training or a more traditional cry based method, it is your decision.

Most sleep issues improve in 3-5 days and vastly improve in 7 days. New habits are formed in 21 days. Consistency is the key in encouraging change in sleep.

Cancellation policy applies, please see the terms and conditions.

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Sarah was an absolute joy to work with!

Sarah was an absolute joy to work with and made such a difference for me and my son! I had reached the end of my rope with co-sleeping and not being able to get a full night’s rest was definitely taking it’s toll. Sarah was so helpful and accommodating and came back several nights in order to make sure my son was succeeding in his sleep training. Sarah was able to accommodate our living situation, my work schedule, and my son’s temperament to find the best sleep plan possible. I would recommend …

Alex, Mother of 18 month old Otis
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