What age does my child need to be?

Newborns, babies, toddlers and children up to age 5 years old.

How will I know what package fits for our family?

Contact Sarah either via email or the free 15-minute consultation to discuss which package would suit your family best.If you would like help but do not feel that any of the packages are the right fit, defining a customized plan is available.If you would like help but do not feel that any of the packages are the right fit, defining a customized plan is available.

What can I expect?

Information will need to be provided to Sarah, via an intake form, related to your baby/toddler/child on feeding, napping, night time sleep, settling and other questions to gain an understanding of current state and to understand your goals in regards to your child’s sleep. Sarah will then create a detailed personalized sleep assessment that you understand and feel comfortable with before sleep training begins. Once sleep training starts, you are to initially provide sleep logs every 24 hours and then move to 48 hours over 2 weeks. Sarah will provide feedback and adjust the schedule as needed.

Will you tell me to make my baby Cry It Out?

A range of sleep training methods exist, from gentle to the more traditional methods. It is your decision which method will work best with your family. Note that while sleep training a baby with a deep rooted sleep association, even with no cry solutions, he or she may cry out of frustration during this transition. However, this does not mean that you leave your baby alone to cry, you are there to support and reassure along the way in developing healthy sleep patterns.

What if my baby is sick when we are in the middle of sleep training?

If your baby was to fall sick during sleep training, all training will be put on hold and completed once your little one was 100% healthy.

Do you work interstate of Internationally?

Sarah is internationally certified and can help families all over the world. The Email Package or Phone Package could be utilized internationally as phone calls could be completed via SKYPE, Facetime or Viber. All international payments are secure and processed via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

What if I need additional support once the consultation period is over?

An extra week of support is available as an upgrade to any package.

Will you tell me to stop breastfeeding?

All feeding styles are supported, including breast, formula or combination feeding.

Why do I need a sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant has done research and has the experience and knowledge to give practical advice in facilitating a better night’s sleep. As many mothers are often so sleep deprived, it is much easier to receive interactive and personalized help with practical tools than to try to evaluate and comprehend the numerous books on this matter.

Will I have to put my baby in their own room?

Many sleeping scenarios are supported, including bed sharing families, room sharing families, attachment parents and babies sleeping in their own room.

Will you work with more than one child in the same family?

Yes, a 50% discount is provided on the second sleep package.  For twins, there is no additional charge.

Do you work weekends?

Yes, Sarah works one day on the weekends.  You will be advised if a prior engagement has been booked during your scheduled session and adjustments will be made accordingly.

Can I book my phone consultation for after 5pm?

Yes- the latest consultation will be booked for 9pm PST.

Will I have to stay home every day when I am sleep training?

Your baby’s sleep times are to be a priority during sleep training and then please be aware of those times for a month afterward. You will not be bound to your house, as part of working with Sarah you can be advised on how to fit your commitments in around your new schedule.

What do I get from a baby/mothers group session?

1.5 – 2 hours of sleep help/questions and answers, a brochure of helpful information to take home as well as a discount on any packages.


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